Fraction Calculator Plus

#1 fraction calculator on iOS! Students, teachers, chefs and woodworkers highly recommend this time saving app, thanks to its easy, innovative triple keypad display.

I'm Fraction Calculator Plus and I'm the best and easiest way to deal with everyday fraction problems. Whether you're checking homework, preparing recipes, or working on craft or even construction projects, I can help:

  • Wish you could find the time to check your kids' math homework? Now you can - checking fraction math takes just seconds.
  • Need to adjust recipe quantities for a larger guest list? Let me adjust your cup and teaspoon quantities.
  • Working on a craft or home project in inches? Stop double-or-triple calculating on paper - let me do it once, accurately.

I'm attractive and effective and I make great use of that big, beautiful phone or tablet display:

  • I show your calculations in crisp, clear, elegant type that you can read at-a-glance from a distance.
  • My innovative triple keypad display lets you type fast! (entering three and three quarters takes just 3 taps!).
  • Every fraction result gets automatically reduced to its simplest form to make your job easy.
  • Every result is also shown in decimal to make conversion a breeze.
  • It couldn't be easier to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.

Let Fraction Calculator Plus turn your phone or tablet into an everyday helping hand.

What our users are saying about Fraction Calculator Plus:

“Beautiful! Such a great way to figure out fractions. I’ve been correcting my son’s homework the long way until I found this. Talk about a time save! Love it. 5 stars!”

“As an Electrician I use fractions every day. This easy to use app helps cut on simple errors that I have made in the past. Now all my measurements are quick, easy and accurate.”

“Love! It has helped me so much this year in school.”

“Great for calculating measurements on the go…Wish it was available years ago when I struggled with dividing fractions. Neat all around.”

“I'm a wood worker and this calculator has made my life easier and my work faster. So easy to use and it even shows you the decimal equivalent to the fraction. Great tool. Great app.”

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